Feng Shui Your Way to a Better Work Space

September 22, 2017

If you’re spending a decent chunk of your day at a desk or some sort of work space, it’s time you start considering Feng Shui. Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing yourself with your surrounding environment. In theory, better Feng Shui will bring positive energy to your work space, resulting in higher productivity and overall happiness with your work.

According to Laura Cerrano of Manhattan Feng Shui, there are 4 simple ways to Feng Shui your office.

De-clutter. In a perfect world your desk would always be tidy and clean with only a few essentials out. However, desks are meant for working and we’ve all had those projects that require several stacks of paper and total chaos. It’s important that you keep your desk as clean as possible and after chaos strikes make sure your desk doesn’t stay like that forever. Try to tidy up your space at the end of each work day.

Add plants. When it comes to desk décor that provides good Feng Shui we recommend air purifying plants. Adding a plant of some kind, maybe in an attractive container, to your desk such as a plant is great for positive energy and also gives you something nice and calming to look at during stressful situations. Air-purifying plants not only add life and Feng Shui to your desk, there are also scientific health benefits to having them around. According to Bayer Advanced, a study from the Agricultural University of Norway claims that using plants in interior spaces decreases the incidence of dry skin, colds, sore throats, and dry coughs.

Add Artwork. This can range from landscape photos to inspiring quotes that help you power through your work day. If you’re looking for a creative outlet outside of work, create your own artwork and put it on your desk.

Sit in a commanding position. A commanding position means facing the door. This arrangement symbolizes being able to see opportunities as they walk through the door. If you work in a shared or open office space, Cerrano suggests putting a small mirror on your desk to reflect anyone coming into your space.

Creating a better work space also has a lot to do with where you place things on your desk. Organize your desk with attention to how you feel at it. Does it have a nice sense of flow? Is it a place where you feel safe and as stress-free as possible?

Position your planner or to-do list so it’s not haunting you all day, which is sure to lead to procrastination. Your to-do list should act as a gentle guide for your day, not a terrifying list of demands. Keep your day planner easily at hand but tucked away as you focus and check off one task at a time. This way you can give your full attention to each to-do, without being distracted by everything else on your list.

When it comes to your workspace, lighting is more important than you’d think. While some people prefer working in darker settings, it’s important to always have some sort of task lighting so you aren’t straining your eyes. It also helps, even when you have plenty of light, to make you feel more at home at your desk, giving it a sense of warmth and intimacy, even in an open shared workspace.

For best Feng Shui, place your Mitzi fixture to your upper left, the wealth Feng Shui bagua of your desk. The perfect desk mate for you depends on your style and needs; check out our pretty portables to see if one is right for you. We love Bianca (pictured above): her marble details and sense of balance make her a high-style work companion, keeping things harmonious. For more of a task-light, adjustable lamp, you might want to invoke mid-century Milla.

Happy Feng Shui-ing!

H&M’s Home Collection is Here — Let’s Talk About It.

September 15, 2017

If you keep your finger on the pulse of fashion and culture news, you may have noticed a new home collection has dropped from the Swedish multinational chain retailer H&M. Press has referred to it as affordable and pretty and while we may wish it had been around during our Brooklyn-closet-sized-apartment-ramen-noodles-and-CheezIts-for-dinner days, we have eyed the collection in all its bounty. After all, here at Mitzi, we are all about the attainable.

During our online perusing (does anyone else have specific songs they listen to while shopping the interweb?) we couldn’t help but notice that something was missing. Did the Milo Flush Mount just go off over your head? That’s right—there’s no lighting! This missing link has only added more joy to this journey, as we’ve daydreamed a home décor wish list, picking our favorites from H&M Home and pairing them with some fabulous Mitzi fixtures.

It’s safe to say Mitzi plays well. Depending what other design elements are at work, Mitzi pieces can enhance a space or define it. Tie finishes into existing colors or complement shapes in the room, add weight and material impact to a space with our marble and concrete-accented pieces, or let our more minimalist pieces add just the right accent.

These dream boards are here to inspire you. It doesn’t have to be H&M Home—use your designer instincts to pair Mitzi with home products from across the spectrum. Whether accenting or anchoring a space, Mitzi pieces are those kind that, once they’re placed, allow you to let out of that big sigh of relief, confirming that yes, the room is complete.

What a relief!



August 2, 2017

Our very first #mitzimodel, Asime (pronounced Ah-seem-uh) is one of the lighting designers here at Mitzi. Just 25 years old, Asime has garnered a strong design portfolio, starting with her studies at Iowa State. Asime has a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Industrial Design, experiencing some very niche internships and post-grad jobs along the way. Scroll to find out more about our youngest designer and her affinity for cheesy snacks and classic novels.

So you went to school for industrial design—are we safe to call you an industrial designer?
I would consider myself both an industrial and lighting designer. I began as an intern for GE appliances, then switched to home décor and kitchenware with a company in Brooklyn with national distribution. Now, lighting!

You have New York roots. Tell us more about that.
I’m originally from Beacon, New York (a nearby neighbor of Mitzi HQ) but have been a bit all over the place. Texas, Iowa, Kentucky, and Florida — I consider that a lot for my age.

What would you say is your favorite Mitzi fixture from this collection?
I’d have to go with the Immo Sconce. It has some history for me here. Immo was one of the first sconces I sketched for Hudson Valley Lighting and I absolutely loved it! I had to send in preliminary sketches and I was too afraid to submit Immo, as she’s a bit “off the cuff.” During the final days of designing for Mitzi, the head of the design team saw my Immo sketch and loved it, just like I had! Immo made the cut and I’m happy to see her as part of the collection.

Go-to snack?
Bread and cheese! Any cheese – smoked gouda, goat cheese…

Dream vacation destination?
I’ve been lucky enough to travel to a lot of places for my age, but I haven’t been to Asia yet, so I’d say Asia…then, everywhere else!

Favorite Instagram account to follow?
@Designmilk for sure, or @the_coolhunter.

Favorite childhood book?
The Outsiders – I have that book memorized.

Dream paint color?
Okay — I’d love to pair navy blue walls with marble and hammered copper. Can’t you see it? Ah, it’s my dream bathroom!

Best form of exercise?
I’ve recently gotten into hiking, but it’s definitely not for me (laughs). I enjoy going to the gym and following a routine. My sister is a personal trainer so she has helped me set up what exercises are best for me.

Cocktail of choice?
White Russian, no — a Bloody Mary. What’s the occasion? I have a few favorites.

Ryan, my boyfriend. Cheesy, I know, but you know me and cheese…

Ruby Rose, she’s so cool.